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Elton John's Rocketman: The ultimate playlist

The Elton John Rocketman movie hits cinemas across the globe this week. Following hot on the heels of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody mega-hit, Rocketman is a half-biopic, half "music fantasy" flick which celebrates Elton John's life and career by diving headfirst into the brilliant back catalogue he created as he made his way from back-room singer to stadium-smashing superstar. 

It follows, then, that the Rocketman soundtrack is a hit-filled romp through some of the best, and well-known songs Elton John ever created.

To celebrate the release of Rocketman, Interscope Records enlisted the help of star Taron Egerton – whose portrayal of John in the film has left him with a knowledge of John's back catalogue to rival the singer's own – to get together his pick of the best Elton John songs to feature on the Rocketman soundtrack. 

Rocketman is released on May 22 in the UK; May 31 in the US.