Dream Theater Talk To The Prog Magazine Show

Issue 59 of Prog Magazine features an extensive and in-depth interview with Dream Theater founding member, John Petrucci. The guitarist opens up about Mike Portnoy, staying in shape, being a college drop-out and what would Rush do.

As he tells Rich Wilson in Prog Magazine, “There are iconic bands out there who we still look up to, you. You could be sitting there, trying to make a decision and think, Would Geddy do that?”

As well as talking to the magazine, Petrucci and singer James LaBrie took time out in the spring of 2013 to stop by the Team Rock studios to chat to The Prog Magazine Show about their *Dream Theater *album, the power of instrumentals, covering Deep Purple and Iron Maiden and the enduring appeal of the live album.

“We’ve done seven, I think Rush holds the world record for live albums.” Said LaBrie, “I think it’s the kind of band we are, people do what to see how are these guys. That’s why we’ve been successful touring all these years, people want to see what we represent musically, it brings people out, they want to see it face to face, our fans want to be part of that experience.“

Issue #59 of Prog Magazine is on sale now or click on the link below to read more about John Petrucci and Dream Theater.

The Prog Interview: John Petrucci

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