Devilish secret hidden in new Doom soundtrack

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Doom Soundtrack More Hellish Than Previously Suspected (Image credit: Tom butcher\/Mick Gordon)

The new Doom game has some impressively dark secrets hidden in the game’s soundtrack.

Mike Gordon, the game’s composer, has gone to great lengths to pay homage to the original game’s metal soundtrack, but updated for a 2016 audience.

“Hell in Doom is just horrifying. It’s ancient and threatening and violent. It’s a nightmare,” says Gordon in a recently released behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the game’s brutal score. The composer used ‘vast arrays’ of analogue equipment from vintage Soviet-era synths, to ‘bizarre and obscure’ guitar effect pedals to recreate hell in audio form.

The composer has however, gone even further down the road to hell by hiding imagery within the soundtrack.

When passed through a spectrogram, the track called Cyberdemon throws up images of “666” and a pentagram. Gordon hinted at the hidden imagery in the second part of his Youtube documentary about the Doom soundtrack.

One curious fan tested the hint and found the images hidden in the Cyberdemon spectrogram.

Doom is out now on PC,PS4 and Xbox One and it’s pretty great. Check out our review of the game if you want to know more.