Dark Souls makers have three games in the works, none being Dark Souls games

Dark Souls

From Software’s main creative force Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that they are taking a break from making Dark Souls games for a while.

Talking to Japanese gaming site 4Gamer (translated via Kotaku) Miyazaki-san revealed that From Software currently has three new games in development, none of which are related to the Dark Souls series.

“With this latest release,” he began, “we’re going to put the Dark Souls series on hold for a while. This is because it was never our real motive for From Software to be the Dark Souls-only company. It’s not my intention to say that the Souls series is completely finished.”

From Software recently released Dark Souls III on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and still have some downloadable content in the works for the game. Last year they also released Bloodborne as a PS4 exclusive title, a dark Gothic action RPG influenced by the Dark Souls series.

Miyazaki-san went on, “Right now, rather than making a Dark Souls sequel, we have a strong feeling that we’d like to leverage our development experience into making new titles.”

This seems to indicate that at least one of the three titles they are working on is completely new. One of the others is a reboot though. “Another one of the new projects is a reboot of titles we previously worked on, but taking that as a leaping off point to make a new game,” he added.

The final one is a mystery though. All Miyazaki-san would say of it was, “With all due respect, it’s a slightly odd one.”