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Critics' Choice 2015 - Vennart

Every day we’ll be bringing you some music from the 2015 Critics’ Choice…

Oceansize fans rejoiced when Mike Vennart made a major comeback, above and beyond his British Theatre endeavours, with his Vennart project. “A stunning effort: youthful, vigorous, knowing and wry when it needs to be,” qouth Alex Lynham, reviewing The Demon Joke back in Prog 56. “I bought the new issue of Prog the other day because Marillion were in it, and I knew how to play the shoe of Misplaced Childhood when I was 12,” Mike proudly boasted when we interviewed him in Prog 57.

So at No. 11 in the 2015 Critics’ Choice, it’s Vennart’s The Demon Joke. Here’s Don’t Forget The Joker

Jerry Ewing

Founder and Editor of Prog Magazine. Enjoys almost all progressive music in its many guises, but is especially partial to a slice of post rock.