Boss Keloid stream new album Herb Your Enthusiasm

Boss Keloid band promo

Progressive sludgelords Boss Keloid are premiering their new album Herb Your Enthusiasm exclusively with Metal Hammer.

To give you an insight into Herb Your Enthusiasm, guitarist Paul Swarbrick has given Hammer a track by track breakdown covering each song on the album.

Lung Mountain

“This embodies the heavy, psychedelic vibe that runs through the album and sets the tone. This is one of the last songs we wrote for the album.”

Haarlem Struggle

“A song of two halves, from Haarlem with love. The song builds from a slow, hypnotic start then suddenly transforms into chaos. The song is about personally challenging and filtering what is presented by the media on a daily basis.”


“Joyful escapism through the collective mediums of herbalism and live music. Dixie Collins and Grady Avenell get a mention in this one.”


“A slow brooder that takes some interesting twists and turns. Master the art of getting high.”

Axis Of Green

“This is about having the passion and conviction to fulfil personal aspirations. This is the album centrepiece which covers a lot of ground on the Keloid tasting platter and one of our favourites to play live, especially the eastern vibe ending.”

Lung Valley

“The mellow sister to Lung Mountain’s heft. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and push beyond the comfort zone. The grass can be greener. Leave your own creative legacy.”


“One riff, played for two minutes. Interlude.”

Elegant Odyssey

“A slow tempo song that alternates between heavy and light, and ends with a lovely ‘sailor’ riff.”


“Sebastien Chabal is an excellent beast of a man. He has no fear. You should have no fear and face your challenges head on. This song was written by myself and Alex a few years ago, but we all felt it would work on this album.”

Hot Priest

“The first song we wrote for the album starting about three years ago, and influenced by King Crimson. We used the drawn-out, simple, repetitive, psychedelic ending to counter the complex and progressive main body of the song. Hot Priest is a rebuttal to organised religion and blind faith.”

Herb Your Enthusiasm is out April 8 and is available to order here.

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