Boss Hog premiere new video for track Shh Shh Shh

A press shot of Boss Hog
(Image credit: Toon Aerts)

New York group Boss Hog are premiering their new video for Shh Shh Shh exclusively with TeamRock. Taken from their new album Brood X, the track is a spooky slice of innovative blues-rock, with an eerie – if tongue-in-cheek – video to match.

The band, formed by former Pussy Galore guitarist Cristina Martinez and her husband Jon Spencer (best known for his Blues Explosion), have a rich heritage when it comes to the New York art-rock scene. This is clear from the sounds contained within Brood X – their first album since 2000’s Whiteout, and their most experimental release to date.

We caught up with frontwoman Cristina to find out more about the track and video.

What’s the story behind the song Shh Shh Shh?

“The lyrics began as an exercise in free association. I imagined a place of chaos, panic, and loss of control and that’s what emerged.”

Can you tell us a bit about the process behind making the video?

“Aaron Lazar, the director, presented a very loose, non-narrative idea that we loved and embellished upon (if only to give us motivation for our participation). He had a shot list that we executed but many shots were conceived on set. It was a bit of a time-crunch because we had to do it all in one night. It was filmed at Cynthia Von Buhler’s lake house in a wood, where she holds her spectacular Illuminati Ball. It was cold and rainy, we had to work desperately to keep the fires burning.”

What’s going on in the video?

“Our tour van breaks down and we come upon a spooky mansion on a lake. Inside we discover a sinister scene. Very Scooby Doo.”

How do those concepts link into the rest of the songs on the album?

“Many of the songs on Brood X deal with moments of struggle or growth. We are always searching for a better way, a better self.”

What’s your favourite story/anecdote from filming the video?

“It was an overnight shoot (and my unofficial birthday party) so we were delirious by the end. We brought friends along to play the role of the dead in the house so it ended up like a ghoulish pyjama party. Two-dozen oysters, six pizzas and a case of Champagne helped.”

Brood X is out now via Bronze Rat Records.

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