5 new bands to listen to if you love Slipknot

Vended, Slipknot and Swollen Teeth
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As the most savage band of the nu metal era, Slipknot carved a an instant mark into the face of metal with their 1999 debut album. Since then, the nine-headed monstrosity has only maintained its momentum, transforming from pissed-off upstarts to battle-tested mainstays with their own festival. It’s no surprise that they’ve inspired an army of  bands along the way then. And here are five  brand new bands to can check if you need more fixes of high-octane Slipknot-inspired savagery.

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Let’s address the most obvious one first: nu metal up-and-comers Vended feature Griffin Taylor on vocals and Simon Crahan on drums – the respective sons of Corey Taylor and Clown. The association’s definitely pushed them far: what other band can say they’ve opened up a Slipknot stadium show off the back of one EP? To be fair though, lovers of The Nine’s debut have plenty to swoon over here, especially when Griffin rants at lightspeed over Simon’s scurrying playing on Ded To Me. Their headlining UK tour this summer could well be the closest we’ll get to a ’90s ’Knot show in 2023.

Listen to: Ded To Me

Swollen Teeth

Frankly, you know as much as we do when it comes to these enigmatic nu kids on the block. Swollen Teeth’s self-titled debut single was produced by Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson, and slammed with hulking guitars before disorientating with an atonal singalong of a chorus. Then their ensuing 2023 EP was released on Slipknot and Iowa producer Ross Robinson’s Blowed Out Records. However, this foursome all use pseudonyms and refuse to grant interviews: they’re so committed to anonymity that Robinson reportedly signed an NDA to stop him from revealing their identities. No doubt, this lot’s intensity and mystery evoke memories of an early ’Knot.


Graphic Nature

The debut album from these British prospects rattled everybody’s fillings at the start of 2023. Graphic Nature smashed nu metal and metalcore together on A Mind Waiting To Die. The sheer percussive impact and in-your-face drum-and-bass both lurch your ears back to the halcyon days of Slipknot, then the breakdowns and hardcore snarls make the whole thing a distinctly modern mixture.

Listen to: Killing Floor

Red Method

This extreme/nu metal crew routinely wreck stages across the UK, having played at the Download, Bloodstock and Takedown festivals since the pandemic. Their shows all flex some Slipknot-ish muscle as the five-piece play in boiler suits with face paint and masks. However, Red Method are no mere rip-offs, as their raging tracks come packed with a thrash metal pace, metalcore singalongs and death metal blasts. The Londoners have even been endorsed by SikTh, with frontman Mikee Goodman lending his erratic howls to 2021 debut For The Sick. It being produced by Scott Atkins (Cradle Of Filth, Vader, Sylosis) is another reason to take them seriously.

Listen to: Cycle Of Violence


You’ve probably never heard of Garry Brents, but he’s a polymath whose myriad of projects run the gamut from black metal to synth/folk loveliness. With recently-launched solo outlet Memorrhage, the Texan honours the angsty sounds of his ’90s upbringing. Industrial, metalcore and, of course, nu metal all form the music’s endoskeleton. New single Reek especially seems like it owes itself to The Nine. It rages for a brisk three-and-a-half minutes, and the drums, scratching turntables and sing-screaming choruses smack with a similar sting to Iowa. The track’s taken off a self-titled debut album that drops on June 16.

Listen to: Reek

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