5 albums that influenced Brian Pern from Thotch

Thotch band Brian Pern prog rock band BBC
Thotch (Brian in centre)

Brian Pern and his band Thotch rocketed to fame 40 years ago with their mind-expanding prog rock. But what records influenced the frontman of the innovative craftsman?

Onion Divorce by Thotch

“This album, made by Thotch influenced me a great deal as I made it.”

Spirit Level by Brian Pern

“This album, my third solo album influenced me a great deal also as I made that too. It has also influenced many other artistes including Paul Simon, Adele, Zucchero and There Might Be Giants.”

The White Album by The Beatles

“This was a huge influence on us in Thotch back in 1968 as it told us exactly how not to make music. We always felt the Beatles were overrated and we used to listen to this album in particular and think – this is the biggest band in the world and look how rubbish this is. I always preferred Gerry And The Pacemakers.”

Ukka Umma Bukka tch Mbwene by Raphael Santa Cumas

“This is a little known album by Pangolian throat singer Raphael Santa Cumas recorded in 1960 on bone. I heard this album whilst on tour back in 1976 and was blown over. I later signed Raphael to my World Music Label. Sadly he died when we flew him over to sing on one of my tracks as he had an allergic reaction to some pickle he ate.”

Golden Wonders by Pepita Pern

“Pepita Pern is Mexico’s answer to Kate Bush and her latest album Golden Wonders is fantastic and a great influence on me – not just because she is my wife but she has the best pipes in the business and if I don’t put down one of her albums in the top five she will kill me.”

Brian performing live

Brian performing live

What album changed your life?

The album that changed my life has to be Spirit Level, by me, Brian Pern, which has just been re-re-released and re-mastered as the 31st Anniversary Edition with bonus tracks, a live DVD and demos of all the songs. It’s also on iTunes, Amazon and all of the others. It also made me a few million which meant I could change the world and help invent world music. I am also a big fan of the Mighty Ducks Original Soundtrack.

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