2016 Preview: The Eagles

After two years of the touring The History Of The Eagles, the defining California rockers are settling into “a pretty long hiatus”, according to Don Henley. But that will just give him and Glenn Frey more time to work on an Eagles stage musical for Broadway.

Although recovering from surgery, Frey is taking the lead in exploring possibilities, according to Henley, who’s continuing to ride his 2015 solo album Cass County. “I guess this is what you do at this point of your career,” Henley says. “The documentary was so successful, we decided we might have some success with a musical theatre piece, the centerpiece of which would be Hotel California.

“But that’s a tricky business. I mean, you can really go wrong with that. So we’re gonna do a lot of homework before we go down that road, and it may come to fruition and it may not.”

Meanwhile, Henley is already plotting his next solo album, with a couple of options in mind – including “a sixties soul music, R&B-based thing”.

“I’ve got all kinds of ideas,” Henley says. And he doesn’t plan to take another 15 years to bring them out. “At my age I can’t afford to, can I? And I won’t. We’ll get something out there quickly – or, at least, quicker than [Cass County] took.”