10 things we miss about Slayer

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Slayer have been a mainstay of festival circuits for decades, providing their influential thrash metal to concert goers young and old. 

But, In January 2018 they announced that they would embark on their final ever world tour, before calling it quits for good, with a final show on November 30, 2019 in California.  

We're sure there are a million and one things we'll all miss about the thrash metal heavyweights but just to remind you, with a tear in our eyes, here's the main reasons we will never get over losing Slayer's live shows...

1. Slaaayyyyeeeerrrrr!

The shouts of SLAYYYYYAAARGGGHHHH soundtracking our tinnitus for hours afterwards. Is there a better band name to yell at the top of your voice? Nope.

2. Kerry King's head-banging

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Seeing Kerry King still truly loving every minute onstage is inspiring. Plus we'll miss those epic tattoos.

3. The stellar support

They always have the best support acts. Their final UK tour they brought with them Lamb of God and Anthrax, and if it wasn't for Slayer nobody would have heard of Machine Fucking Head!

4. The bants

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Remember when one of the Kardashians wore a Slayer tee and Gary Holt responded? We'll miss those bants.

6. Reign in blood

That primal thrill EVERY TIME you hear the intro to Raining Blood.

7. Comradery  

That sense of being an army that’s unique to Slayer. 

8. Tom Araya's grin

We'll miss Tom Araya’s shit-eating grin as he tears into some of the heaviest metal songs ever written

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9. Battle Jackets

We'll miss casing the very best battle jackets. All those old school thrashers and their classic patches and impressive artwork, there's nothing like it.

10. The sheer speed

Their ability to tear through an entire album within half an hour means they offer up more absolute bangers in one show than we are worthy of *wipes tear*

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