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ZZ Top: Texicali EP

Four-track taste of riffs to come.

It’s no surprise that, months ahead of their long-awaited album with Rick Rubin producing, the tres hombres have opted to release a four-track taster EP which promises more signature rough-edged snarl than the whole of 2003’s Mescalero.

Opener I Gotsta Get Paid is as stripped-down and sizzling as it gets; Chartreuse a chugging, fuzz-filled ditty full of tequila-soaked swagger that’ll make you want to shift into fifth.

While the growling roadhouse blues of Consumption conjures the classic, full-throttle bad-assery of former ZZ glories, Over You, a Tom Waits-style ballad, breaks new, surprisingly melancholic ground. ‘I’ve got to find the strength to move, I’ve gotta get up and get over you,’ sings a gravel-throated Billy Gibbons with the forlorn resignation that can only come from 41 years of fast cars and faster women.

And it’s proof that the little ol’ band from Texas still have some songwriting gas in the tank.