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Your Memorial: Redirect

Ambitious Americans with more courage than conviction

Your Memorial may attempt to bury their melodic urges under layers of rough vocals, but the gruff front the Minnesotan four-piece put on for Redirect hides a more sensitive heart when it comes to songwriting.

While their tones waver from conventional crunch to a neutered, tail-docked djent, it’s the post-metal scope to tracks like Cadence For A King that give this record its finest moments, albeit not on quite as grand a scale as bands like Rinoa. The downside of this tightly wound montage of riffing is it lacks any truly sharp edges – on too many songs it flattens out into a blancmange of guitars that feels equally wobbly in the business of crafting coherent songs.

The occasional passages of quiet rhythm (Shipwreck) deliver some respite, but it’s not enough to keep Redirect from feeling too unsure of itself to deliver on its creators’ high ambitions.