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Wonk Unit - Mr Splashy album review

Sardonic Londoners continue the UK punk renaissance

Cover art for Wonk Unit - Mr Splashy album

Wonk Unit main man Alex Johnson may be twice the age of the young punks his band often share bills and mutual respect with, such as Slaves and Shame, but like the equally craggy Sleaford Mods, no one’s dismissing Wonk Unit as irrelevant old farts.

The reason for this is that like their spiritual descendents, their blunt but penetrating songs – full of bone-dry social observation, black humour and intermittent bursts of disenfranchised rage – sound perfectly suited to our turbulent times.

Highlights on this fifth album include the droll, desperately trivial nostalgia of Old Trains, the ironic jingoism of We Are The England (check out the online video “filmed on location in Wales”) and the pounding, shoutalong, domestic mini-dramas of Bin Him and Awful Jeans. Never Mind The Brexits, anyone?