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White Noise Sound: Like A Pyramid Of Fire

Psychedelic drone-rock from the Welsh wizards.

This Swansea-formed sextet pretty much do what their name suggests, but with pulsating flashes of invention.

Having worked across an eight-year career with leading figures of the Spacemen 3-Spiritualized-Brian Jonestown Massacre tribe, their second album sees them abetted by Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals) and Belfast producer Phil Kieran. Alternatively metronomic/motorik or a bruising behemoth of surging swirling slabs of sound, this is a mesmeric onslaught. Opener and single Heavy Echo is like six sets of Dandy Warhols riffing at once, and their use of limitless echoing layers is colossally confident. Bow then throws a curveball by shadowing Suicide’s spookier elements. If the album then threatens for a spell to get a bit Spacemen 3-by-numbers, it roars back into life with the molten lava of Red Light. Step Into The Light then swells from a whisper to a hymn, loping like a wounded beast, and Feel It is like a mournful Moroder. This is all in thrall to the blissed-out musical tropes they admire, but it’s a turbocharged tribute, with everything turned up to 11. It’s hard not to get swept up in their earnest endeavours, or razed by their juddering juggernaut.