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Weend'ô: You Need To Know Yourself

Ambitious noises from the other side of the channel.

Bless them, Weend’ô do try. First there’s that tricky – a hybrid of ‘Ewen’, the founders’ son, and ‘d’ô’, Japanese for ‘art’. Then there’s the philosophy that these French prog rockers impart, ripped from the teachings of Nietzsche: without music, life would be a mistake. Weend’ô aren’t quite at that life-affirming level yet though.

A minute in and singer Laetitia’s off-key high note hits like a foghorn; it’s brave, but not in a good way. Fortunately the urge to shatter glass is suppressed and in its finer moments YNTKY is like a proggier, spaced-up Evanescence.

There are hints of Seventh Wonder or Circus Maximus – albeit without the keyboard zippiness or symphonic gusto. When the production is spot-on and the heady union of synth and metallic guitars build to massive crescendos, there’s merit in their mettle, as exemplified in their souped-up and strung out version of Betrayal, that unravels like Floyd’s angry, older sibling. Likewise the sombre balladry of The Soulmate, which exists in stark contrast, is probably the best demonstration of Laetitia’s vocals on here.

Dodgy camera angles aside, the accompanying DVD is a nice live presentation, but not essential viewing.