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Walter Trout's Ordinary Madness - a deeply personal state of the nation address

Walter Trout ponders the state of the world on his Ordinary Madness album

walter trout ordinary madness
(Image: © Provogue Records)

In the six years since a liver transplant saved Walter Trout’s life in the nick of time, his albums have taken on a sharper perspective. He’s done it not by preaching, or even being born again (although he undoubtedly has been), but by stepping back and simply describing the bigger picture. 

He sorted through his blues pedigree and credentials on last year’s Survivor Blues. On this latest album he tackles more personal issues. 

The title track, which starts with a disturbing hubbub of noise before settling into a slow blues with an insistent bass thud, deals with his own fluctuating mental health, and something about his understated guitar solo draws you in closer. 

Other songs are concerned with communication, or more precisely finding the right words to express yourself. But there’s a light-hearted finale, with OK Boomer questioning his part in the global mess that his kids will have to clear up.