Voodoo Six: Songs To Invade Countries To

London-based rockers take a quantum leap on album four

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For a long time, Voodoo Six were pegged as a worthy, decent band, albeit one never destined to make much impact. So, where the hell has this album come from?

It’s the band’s fourth, but second with the current lineup and suddenly everything’s come together. There’s groove, pace, power, insistent songs and some stunning musicianship. You can hear the transformation as they stride through the rampaging Falling Knives, and thrust into All That Glitters. It‘s Clutch reborn with British accents.

Elsewhere, Higher Ground has a Zeppelin-esque Eastern flavour to it, and Stop has a smart Aerosmith-style funk smooch. But perhaps the two most revealing tracks here are Your Way and Sink Or Swim. The former is the current single, while the latter is surely destined to be a future one. These are outrageously catchy anthems that prove Voodoo Six now have what it takes to be massive.