Volumes - Different Animals album review

Rejigged West Coast metalcore crew fight back from the brink

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LA metalcore crew Volumes have weathered their fair share of ups and downs. Despite earning a reputation with their 2010 EP, The Concept Of Dreaming, they’ve been hit with various setbacks, including line-up changes, drug addictions and bizarre injuries. This third album sees the band fighting to regain lost ground and signals a palpable shift in direction. Volumes have always flirted with djent textures, and that dark edge has remained, although it’s now rounded out with bouncy nu metal influences, straight-to-the-jugular riffery and a startling number of memorable melodies. It’s the quintet’s first effort to feature new vocalist, former Bury Your Dead frontman Myke Terry, and his impact has proved both pivotal and immediate. His soulful, clean vocals act as the perfect foil to joint-frontman Gus Farias’s glass-shattering shrieks on the crazily catchy Finite, and carry the addictive melody of On Her Mind, alongside a quickfire guest spot by rapper Pouya. An impressively moreish comeback.