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Undearth The Kings: The Southern Necessity

Worcester metalcore alliance hit a compulsive stride

Boasting members from Cars On Fire, Axewound and earthtone9, Unearth The Kings’ debut album is backed by a PledgeMusic campaign and picks up where 2014’s glorious And Yet It Moves EP left off, with the addition of four new songs.

The outcome is seven slabs of unapologetic, punk-soaked metalcore. It hits full-throttle from the off, with Ali Ross’s vocals veering wildly between Every Time I Die-esque vitriol and anthemic warbling on opener My Name Is Architect, while the rampaging Iron Tongue is teeming with hook-laden riffage.

With guitarist Owen Packard hammering out those distinctive rhythms and Jason Bowld’s pounding drum licks, the band never let up and when they hit, they hit like a 10-ton truck.

The Southern Necessity ticks every box of the metalcore trope with gusto, full of breakneck tempos, fist-pumping choruses (‘Decay/Apart/I’m done grabbing at the stitches/Save me from turning/Save me from burning!’) and crunching breakdowns. These guys are a shot in the arm for a stagnated genre.