Uli Jon Roth: Scorpions Revisited – Volume 1

A new slant on 70s Scorps.

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This could easily have become a wallow in nostalgic mud, and sunk under the weight of the originals. But Uli Jon Roth has brought so much joy and style to these 70s Scorpions songs that they take on a new life.

He has meticulously delved into the band’s catalogue, of which he was a crucial part, and manages to both bring back the memories of those glory years while also making the music work in a modern context.

The choice of songs varies from the obvious – The Sails Of Charon, Polar Nights, We’ll Burn The Sky – to the slightly more obscure – Crying Days, All Night Long, Drifting Sun – and throughout, Roth’s playing is a virtuoso joy.

He’s also assembled a band to do justice to these songs, with vocalist Nathan James really showing some Meine-esque chops. Shame he didn’t tackle He’s A Woman, She’s A Man, but you can’t have everything!/o:p