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Tyketto: Dig In Deep

US hard rockers return from hiatus in style.

Their confidence swelled by the responses at festivals including Sweden Rock, Firefest, Hard Rock Hell and Download, the four-man grouping responsible for Tyketto’s 1991 debut Don’t Come Easy is back in business.

Various other players have passed through the band on the live circuit but the original line-up offer a certain feel-good magic, and it’s no surprise that Dig In Deep makes light work of transporting the listener back to the pre-grunge era.

Articulated with disarming, understated warmth by Danny Vaughn, Battle Lines and the earnest This Is How We Say Goodbye boast an easy-going bedside manner, while guitarist Brooke St James gets to flex his muscles during The Fight Left In Me and Sound Off.

Tyketto continue to craft melodic hard rock with an authentic blue-collar twang. The bunting is often hung out for reunion of many an inferior band, but Dig In Deep does Tyketto’s legacy proud.