Trucker Diablo: Songs Of Iron

Trad rock intensified.

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With a truly formidable reputation for explosive live shows and beer-fuelled chaos, Trucker Diablo are Northern Ireland’s most exciting new band. This album is their first big chance to grab the world by the knackers.

While their 2010 debut was equal parts razor-sharp bombast and featherweight filler, Songs Of Iron is a brash and bellicose joy from start to finish. The album thrums and crackles with electrifying energy and verve, veering from the singalong exuberance of Red Light On and The Rebel to the sweetly soulful pathos of ballad Maybe You’re The One.

It’s as if the spirits of Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick and Rose Tattoo have been newly pickled in cheap whiskey and strapped to a runaway freight train. Only louder. A wild celebration of good times and bad behaviour, this should be the soundtrack to your summer.