Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence album review

Modern metal gods sharpen their swords

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Despite being at the forefront of modern metal since their 2005 breakthrough album Ascendancy, Trivium have often seemed cursed by the fickle demands of their fan base. Part of the problem has been the Florida quartet’s refusal to repeat themselves, and as a result each successive album has provoked a new set of gripes from certain quarters, while the true diehards have continued to lap up every riff. That situation should end here, however.

Much like their 2015 album Silence In The Snow but more so, The Sin And The Sentence is a redblooded modern heavy metal record, replete with bombastic choruses, virtuoso soloing and a crushing state-of-the-art production. Matt Heafy’s vocals are stronger than ever, the blend of old and new metallic styles is seamless and convincing throughout, and the likes of the bruising title track, The Heart From Your Hate and the seven-minute, Manowar-tinged The Revanchist are among the best the band have ever written.