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Time's Up: Snow Queen

Welsh proggers’ ‘resplendent and pensive’ second album.

Hailing from the rugged terrain of South Wales, Time’s Up were formed in 2006, and although their inception was recent their music is mature and fully formed. Their second release is a resplendent, pensive affair steeped in fragments from progressive rock’s formative years, but it still seems relevant to the modern prog-rock movement.

The melodies which permeate the album will kindle memories of innovators such as Yes and Genesis, but still capture the distinctly modern direction the genre has taken in recent years.

Snow Queen begins with the eminent Secret Garden, moving delicately through soaring melodies with tinkling acoustic interludes. A melodic, dream-like soundscape is provided by guitarist Mike Hagland and, coupled with the Geoff Smith’s evocative vocals, gives the music a subtle, psychedelic edge.

Nightmare Days offers dark, brooding lyrics and intricate, upbeat vocals. The title track is the album’s crowning glory, an ambitious journey of metallic guitars seeping into classic rock riffing, with stylish interaction between bassist Andy Gibbon and drummer Steve Leman. Snow Queen is an album both old and new prog hands will enjoy.