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Therion: Adulruna Rediviva And Beyond

Symphonic Swedes go to town on a triple-DVD extravaganza

This triple-disc DVD package is a work of quite staggering magnitude. Though conceived by guitarist Christofer Johnsson as a fairly rudimentary death metal outfit in 1987, Therion have spent a decade weaving orchestras and choirs into the mix.

A car crash of Christofer’s scalding-hot trad metal licks and exotic operatic divas, its contents were filmed during a 20th anniversary tour in Budapest in 2007 and four years later at the ProgPower Festival in Atlanta.

They include a complete revision of Theli, their album from 1996. To some Theli is a defining statement that Therion never managed to surpass, and, assisted by special guest Dan Swanö, the group’s former producer, it still sounds fresh and inventive here.

An extra feature entitled An Adventure With Therion and a documentary were sadly unavailable to review at press time but, despite the overlap between the two shows, Therion fans will gorge on these 47 tracks.