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The Z - People Of The Mirror World album review

Tune in, turn on, freak out

The Z - People Of The Mirror World album artwork

Masterminded by psyched-mod ex-The Studio 68! scenester Paul Moody, The Z’s entirely feasible CV tells us that they’re already an intergalactic sensation, the biggest band on Betelgeuse and, ahem, from the future. 2517, to be precise. Clearly, since the catastrophic Info Crash of 2350, pop music’s been/will be in a terrible state, but thankfully The Z are/will be here to save our souls with lashings of groove-aliciously analogue psych-pop majesty. Other key points you’ll probably benefit from processing are that People Of The Mirror World is a sci-fi space opera and The Z’s phenomenal Joolz-via-Slick-’n’-Sioux vocalist Zoot is a practising Italian High Priestess. (Yes, it seems there’s also an Italy on Alpha Orionus. Who knew?) Aside from the ‘facts’, The Z’s debut could be just the record you’ve been waiting for. It’s a 60s-based vision of the future, rendered irresistible by almost imperceptible contemporary pop tropes; a tripped-out, head-on collision of freak-beat, gutter-glam, IOP, acid, Jefferson Airplane, Blues Pills and the house band from the best mondo-bizarro sexploitation party scene you’ve never seen. Highly recommended.

Ian Fortnam

Commissioning both album reviews and live reviews, Classic Rock reviews editor Ian has been fearlessly filtering the rock from the cock since 2003.