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The Wildhearts' Diagnosis: a second wave of joyous noise

Just what the doctor ordered as The Wildhearts deliver mini-album Diagnosis

The Wildhearts: Diagnosis
(Image: © The Wildhearts)

Mere months after The Wildhearts score big with the release of Renaissance Men, key tune Diagnosis gets its own day in the sun as the lead on this six-track mini-LP. 

Unsurprisingly, the remaining fabulous five are almost all cut from the same sonic cloth as Renaissance Men, though crushing closer LOCAC could easily be a lost effort from Endless Nameless or perhaps Ginger’s Mutation project; compromise isn’t something the band really do and neither does LOCAC, either musically or lyrically. 

The other tracks – God Damn, A Song About Drinking, The First Time and That’s My Girl – have all the requisite qualities to elevate them to the top of the Wildhearts canon; they’re fast, funny, honest and immensely hooky. 

Yes, they would have been at home on Renaissance Men, but as they were recorded after the fact we get a second wave of joyous noise a few months later. And that’s just fine. 

Buy Diagnosis.