The Vibrators: Punk Mania – Back To The Roots

The punk veterans make their sneery, sarky return.

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These indefatigable graduates of the class of ’77 won’t go hungry any time soon, but listening to this clutch of new recordings, it’s heartening to know that they’re not content just to churn out pub rock and rely on their regular US live tours to keep their reputation alive.

We know this from the moment Retard revs into life, and informs us, ‘I like drugs and drinking booze/Never watch the stupid news… ’cos I’m a retard.’

Such lines could be written by a 10-year-old, but the withering sarcasm wins through, and the pH levels are even more acidic on Bleed To Death: ‘I like the way you’re always buying new clothes, I like the way you put powder up your nose… but most of all I like the way you bleed to death.’

Ooh, you are awful. But we still like you./o:p