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The Urban Voodoo Machine: Love, Drink & Death!

Wilko Johnson guests with London’s gypsy bop’n’strollers.

Paul Ronney-Angel’s bunch resemble a Soho-set horror comic live, mixing zombie make-up and cheap suits. They’re in the well-stocked tradition of post-Clash, culturally open capital city rockers, hot-wiring jump-jazz and klezmer to a spindly rockabilly base.

Drinking My Life Away is a celebratory song for this party band, but some slices of life cut deeper, like the fly-blown corpse found in a flat in Crazy Maria’s true-life mariachi murder mystery.

This is local music for local people: Nothing To Me is surely the first warning in rock’s long annals not to ‘piss on my chips’. Wilko’s pre-op cameo on the testifying tear-up Help Me Jesus is the obvious high-point of a thin but characterful LP.