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The Unguided: Lust And Loathing

Exhilarating electro-metal with a familiar ring

Deciding more fruitful pastures lay ahead of them, Richard and Roger Sjunnesson and Roland Johansson left Sonic Syndicate to form The Unguided in 2010.

Their third album is enjoyable Swedish heaviness combining the acerbic raspiness of bands like In Flames with an added layer of synthesised electronica, which carries the pop punk melodies along on a wave of joy.

Truth be told, there isn’t a lot that distinguishes this lot from their old band, suggesting that ‘creative differences’ was a thinly veiled excuse for personal issues, but the whooshes and bleeps coupled with those huge melodic choruses feels like you’re listening to a mash-up of BMTH and My Chemical Romance with some spectacular riffs.

King Of Clubs is a screeching tumult lifted by a reach-for-the-sky chorus, The Worst Day is a barking blitzkrieg, Phobos Grip dips into minor chords for a touch of menace and Hate (And Other Triumphs) is a reminder of how brilliantly Richard and Roland dish out dual vocals.