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The True Endless: Legacy Of Hate

Epic extremity conjured from the Italian peaks

The True Endless could be just that, with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of splits and EPs to their name. They really do seem to be unstoppable – especially considering the need for members to find time for Forgotten Tomb, Opera IV and a dozen other projects.

They may be Italian but stylistically they owe a lot to the colder climes of Norway than their Mediterranean brethren, perhaps as result of hailing from the mountainous Piedmont region. The True Endless write songs that certainly share Immortal’s knack for conjuring visions of riding shaggy warhorses through mighty windswept valleys between snowtopped peaks.

Epic is very much the order of the day: even on real blasters like Purission and As Our Ancestors you are never far from a massive riff, and opening cut Admission Of Khaos is a glorious slice of majestic, fist-waving metal. Legacy Of Hate takes a few spins to really sink its hooks in, but the effort is repaid in spades. Fans of the classic Abbath take on black metal feel will find plenty to sink their teeth into.