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The spirit of NWOBHM lives on through Eliminator's Ancient Light

Galloping riffs? Twin-guitar harmonies? They're impressive to behold on Eliminator's Ancient Light

Eliminator: Ancient Light
(Image: © Dissonance)

It’s good to hear a band delivering this kind of metal with such intense conviction . Taking inspiration from NWOBHM and channelling their creativity into a sound that mostly recalls mid-80s Iron Maiden, the galloping riffs and twin-guitar harmonies on offer are impressive to behold. 

A concept album of sorts focusing on the theme of entropy, Ancient Light finds the band really hitting their stride on Silent Stone, Mercy and Foreverless, denim-and-leatherclad anthems one and all. 

Versatile and inventive songwriting shines throughout, and comes to the fore in The Sculptor And The Stone Lady and The Library, which feature some pleasingly proggy time changes. 

Steeped in tradition, powerful and uncompromising, Ancient Light is a thoroughly modern classic metal album.