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The Soulbreaker Company: Graceless

Intoxicating excursions from Basque psych-rockers

Part of a loose collection of Spanish-region psych and space rock bands that includes Rip KC, Cuzo and El Parámo, this Basque Country outfit has always been the earthiest of the bunch.

Blues-infused and soulful – not least due to the uniquely nasal yet freeroaming vocals of Jony Moreno – their albums have become shot through with a bedazzled, dreamy wonder, as if the drugs are kicking in and kaleidoscopic colours are starting to seep out.

Graceless, TSC’s misleadingly titled third album, takes the band’s journey one step further from the sturdy bluster of 2008’s debut, The Pink Alchemist, and deeper into an autumnal yet still psychedelic hinterland.

Opener Many So Strange’s nocturnal pulse, languid streaks of light and cool wafts of organ recall In The Future-era Black Mountain and the meticulous, intimate musicianship offers a shifting landscape for Jony’s yearning, alpha-state excursions, where epiphanies seep into your consciousness and perform acts of organic, transporting magic.