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The Socks: The Socks

French-dressing for the feet.

The ‘retro rock revival’ has been a trend of late. Such bands are usually led by blokes in flares who take cues from classic rock à la Led Zep, and doomy blues, Sabbath-style. Bands like Graveyard led the charge, and now Frenchmen The Socks are joining in.

The songs on their debut blend fast-paced funky riffs with distorted, fuzzy vocals and groovy psychedelia, all delivered with a surge of urgency. They rarely slow it down: they’re all about the boogie. With this sub-genre now reaching saturation point, it’s easy to accuse them of being too late to the retro rock party.

Thankfully, there’s no better way to shake off such feelings than with a shimmy to their swaggering rock‘n’roll.