The Pineapple Thief: All The Wars

Rising progressive rockers smash through the bar

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For over a decade Bruce Soord has steered The Pineapple Thief down a path that has taken in proggy beginnings and a more alternative slant to noodly epics with ever-increasing acclaim. All The Wars arrives on the back of 2010’s well-respected Someone Here Is Missing and sounds like it’s the album that Soord and compatriots have been working towards for all those years.

The angular guitar stabs that populate opener Burning Pieces lend the band’s sound an almost Smashing Pumpkins-like contemporary feel. However, it’s the delightful swathes of orchestrated sound courtesy of the Prague Philharmonic that truly makes All The Wars the finest sounding TPT release to date.

An epic proggy feel takes catchy numbers like Last Man Standing, the title track, One More Step Away and Reaching Out into the modern prog firmament with a style and panache one always suspected them capable of. Now they’ve really delivered the goods.