The Great Escape: Metal Showcase

The metal alliance storms the seafront

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ELEGIES [7] seize the chance to become this beachfront dance club’s first live metal band. Confrontational singers Sam and Thomas soon physically bridge the gap between stage and crowd, their styles complementing each other well. Once Elegies capitalise on their most thrillingly intense moments, they’ll be unstoppable.

Apoplectic tech-corers THE COLOUR LINE [8] steal the show by acting like they own the place. Bassist Sam and guitarist Usama stand on the bar, while singer Sam dangles from the balcony and tries to pursue a punter into the gents’, only prevented by his mic lead. Crowdfund this guy a wireless rig, pronto.

The instantly likeable PRESS TO MECO [7] are muzzled by a mix that smothers their three-part vocals. When the fog clears, their melodies and musicianship are glorious. The passion comes off ACODA [8] in waves as they barge through their Deftones-tinged bludgeon which hits hardest when brutally syncopated. In contrast to these varied alt acts, SAVAGE MESSIAH [8] are pure metal, their Maiden, Priest and Metallica influences tattooed on their foreheads. No one here would be surprised to glance out across the beach and see that these leather rebels have summoned a tsunami.

Jason Arnopp
Freelance Writer

Jason Arnopp is a veteran metal scribbler, with a passion for thrash metal, horror movies, vinyl and VHS. He's also the author of scary novels like The Last Days Of Jack Sparks (2016) and Ghoster (2019). Runs two YouTube channels, including Possessed By Metal. Guess what that one's about, eh?