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The Deathtrip: Deep Drone Master

Thorns collaborators come back out of the cold

Coming from Finland’s ever-reliable Svart Records, Deep Drone Master comes like an icy blast from the dark past of 90s Norwegian black metal at its finest.

England-based multi-instrumentalist Host and DHG/Thorns vocalist Aldrahn evoke an atmosphere of primitive minimalism with impossibly satisfyingly simple passages of head-nodding throb that seems to be somewhat lost in these days of overtly technical compositions or mindless blasting attacks. Mixed by Snorre Ruch of Thorns/Mayhem infamy and compiled from several years of demos which were then re-recorded, The Deathtrip’s approach of hostility and aggression has the same, supremely clinical quality of Thorns self-titled masterstroke, albeit minus the Star Trek airlock and laser sounds. The ravings of Aldrahn preach a frothing madness of howling and pleading desperation, amidst a barrage of repetitive tremolo riffing whose hypnotic aura thunders ever onward over a relentless battery of percussion that doesn’t hold up until the ending note. A truly flawless return of glory days black metal, expertly crafted from the old guard who will hopefully bring The Deathtrip into the live arena.

Via Svart