The Dahmers - In The Dead Of The Night album review

The best Sleaze you can get this month

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It must be Halloween every day in Sweden. First they belch up the Satanic Steely Dan-isms of Ghost, and now The Dahmers, perhaps the greatest horror-punk band since 45 grave. With a sound that’s sorta like The sweet and sorta like Generation X and The Hellacopters, Dahmers pour hooks, fuzz and raw rock’n’roll action into every ghoulish nugget.

The infectious hand-clapping stalker anthem Nightcrawler is the clear winner of the bunch, but this thing is crawling with potential hits, from the misfits-y Cut Me Down to the snarling NYN ‘77 punk of Rat Boy. also, for a band named after a gross emo serial killer, the songs on In The Dead Of The Night aren’t gore-drenched. it’s less Texas Chainsaw Massacre than, you know, some Saturday-afternoon spook-show matinee shit with, like, Vincent Price and bosomy vampire girls dancing around in a psychedelic shack to some obscure glitter-punk band from 1974. Pretty much perfect. Dig it like a grave, creep.