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The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown: Zim Zam Zim

The God Of Hellfire returns!

This album begins in ‘the formless depths of Zim Zam Zim, some time before the Big Bang', and explores different identities in different times and dimensions – which, as concepts go, is pretty wide-ranging.

Touched By All a call for a United Nations of the mind to prevent the apocalypse, is based on simple, repetitive keyboard patterns with shimmering hi-hats and sweeping strings, which shifts halfway through into dancing saxophones and a syncopated drum pattern. Brown only brings out his scalp-raising scream on occasion, but his voice is in tremendous shape, settling in a powerful lower register, which at times reminds of Captain Beefheart. On The Unknown, it sounds like the time-travelling protagonist has actually transmuted into Tom Waits, as it borrows from Waits’_ Jockey Full Of Bourbon_, from Rain Dogs. With its clattering percussion and snarling baritone saxes, Junkyard King is even more low-down and dirty. There’s a rich vein of absurdist humour throughout. ‘I am the Sex God, the Tantric King/In the dance of the yoni round the ding-a-ling’, Brown announces on Muscle Of Love, where he exhorts the benefits to society of sustained orgasm. MB