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The Burning Crows: Murder At The Gin House

Songs designed to convert you to their caws.

The result of another successful PledgeMusic campaign, the Burning Crows’ follow-up to debut Behind The Veil delivers yet more hard-hitting rock’n’roll with a generous dash of Sunset Strip attitude.

Singalong choruses and hook-heavy riffs are crammed in wherever possible and they don’t so much play as rip into each and every tune.

Hell To Pay launches proceedings like an ominous swamp rock monster rising from the depths of the bayou, while Come On, Shine and 1137 bristle with infectious energy, the thrill ride peaking with the boisterous AC/DC-riffing Feels Like Home.

It’s all perfectly paced too, with the breezy She’s The Summertime and strings-driven Holding On complementing the belters. Effortlessly feel-good stuff.

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