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The Brackish: Big Guys

Manning up with Bristol’s muso underground.

Our Reviews Ed knows this writer very well. “Can you review this? It’s got a man with a big beard carrying a massive fish on the cover and it’s recommended by Schnauser.”

Tick, tick and tick. That’s my parameters defined then. Unless we can be very niche and call this The Fierce & The Dead-core, it’s more likely to come under the umbrella of pronk, punk-prog’s playful love child. We’re being a tad general, though. Bristol band The Brackish might deal in spiky, energised instrumentals influenced by XTC, No Means No and King Crimson (The Good, The Bad And The Otter seems to cram all of these in), but there’s a healthy dose of Cream-esque garage-fuzz (King Of Tokyo), dinner jazz gone wrong (I Done The Magic) and some fine post-rock too (Lightwood Reservoir). Peering at the line-up, we see members of the excellent, sadly defunct country rock outfit Phantom Limb – one of whom is guitarist Luke Cawthra, son of late Dr Feelgood guitarist Gypie Mayo. Chuck in some ex-Zun Zun Egui action and Neil Smith from The Liftmen and that’s one hell of a progressive whole. So if you too like big beards, big fish and Schnauser, it’s worth diving into right now.