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The Amorettes: Game On

Scots on the rocks.

The second full-length from Scottish all-girl trio The Amorettes can only be described as a career misstep. Their 2010 debut, Haulin’ Ass, was “full of humour and hellion fury”, as our review described it. Sadly, Game On has none of the above.

Producer Chris Tsangarides has drained the life out of this once vibrant and exhilarating band, stifling their skanky attitude and shambolic charm. He’s kept them indoors with tea and biscuits when they should be out mopping up blood on Sauchiehall Street.

Quirky first-album songs such as Whoot Woo and Talk Nerdy To Me have been replaced by Son Of A Gun and Shoot From The Hip, as dull as their AC/DC-ish titles suggest. A retread of Hot And Heavy pales before the original. Pulsing synth sounds are employed inexplicably on Get What’s Comin’.

Gill Montgomery’s breathlessly excitable vocals – an Amorettes USP – have been ‘enriched’ with a pointless echo. And so on. To our total dismay and consternation, what was once a deep-fried Mars bar has become a lightly griddled Wispa./o:p