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Beatdown kings Terror’s Pain Into Power is a tough record for tough times

Album review: veteran bruisers Terror serve up authentic hardcore noise on new album Pain Into Power

Terror: Pain Into Power
(Image: © End Hts)

Reunited with Todd Jones, Terror’s founding guitarist who left in 2004 to start Nails, it’s little surprise that they’ve taken a heavier, faster and more abrasive turn.

Their eighth studio album blends the urgency of Lowest Of The Low with modern maturity, and the trusty riffs, breakdowns and basslines are all distilled into an intense, 20-minute adrenaline shot. Jones handles production, Matt Hyde (Keepers Of The Faith) handles engineering and mixing, and guest vocalists include Cannibal Corpse’s George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher on  Can’t Help But Hate, Year Of The Knife’s Madison Watkins and Initiate’s Crystal Pak on Unashamed, and Jones himself on The Hardest Truth. Boundless Contempt is particularly vocally aggressive, and One Thousand Lies is the album’s classic stomping, fist-clenching pit-opener.

Ever authentic, Terror bring the bleak rugged toughness and defiant resilience needed right now.