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Temple Of Lies - From Sands album review

Leicester quartet’s second.

Temple Of Lies From Sands album review

The Midlands has long been a fertile ground for producing rock bands of the heavier persuasion, but for some reason the city that’s currently big news in the sporting arena has never quite punched its weight in the higher divisions of popular music.

In an attempt to rectify that situation, this quartet have built on their 2012 debut Monumental by re-recording some of its tracks and adding new material.

It’s those more recent songs that stand out: the churning grunge of Bats and the muddy, staccato riffage of Crystal, while the title track and Fire In The Hole benefit from menacing backing vocal whispers and a touch of light-and-shade melodramatics. All of which suggests this is a band in transition to a future that definitely sounds promising but perhaps needs another long-player to be fully realised.