Tarja Turunen: Luna Park Ride

Ex-Nightwish soprano’s live recordings from 2011.

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The music industry may be struggling, but there’s a thin line between maximising revenue from an act and taking advantage of loyal fans. This live album features a performance from Tarja’s 2011 world tour – you may well know it as it’s the soundtrack to the DVD footage previously sold to you in the premium-priced ‘media edition’ of her 2012 live album Act I.

That DVD, whose content is also included here, was ‘filmed by fans’ – a pretty transparent way of getting cheap content, and when a fair amount of it is out of focus and shot from dodgy angles, you may prefer to stick to fan videos on YouTube.

The CD of ‘bonus’ material might be of slightly more interest to Nightwish/Tarja completists, but does your average punter need new live versions of In For A Kill or I Walk Alone when they’re spirited enough as ever, but barely any different from live material that’s already available?/o:p