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Spiders: Shake Electric

Static Scandinavians deliver diminishing returns.

Spiders made their debut in 2012 when the Swedish ‘retro rock revival’ was in full swing. With that trend of 70s worship and hipster facial hair led predominantly by Graveyard and Witchcraft, the fact that Spiders included members from both of these groups was a sure selling point for their garage-y blues rock.

But as the trend faded, so did Spiders – and they were overshadowed by the success of the similar-sounding Blues Pills. Shake Electric continues in a similar vein as their debut Flashpoint, led by fast-paced, erratic, mane-shakin’ melodies and 70s-tinged vibes, with Ann-Sofie Hoyles’ vocals more at the forefront this time.

Though predominantly enjoyable, it’s hard to shake the feeling that others are doing it better./o:p