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Soundgarden's Live From The Arts Den is a worthy, career-spanning memorial

Soundgarden's Live From The Arts Den was recorded in Los Angeles in 2013

Soundgarden - Live From The Arts Den
(Image: © Soundgarden)

This is the complete, 29-song, two-and-a-half hour set from the final date, in LA, of Soundgarden’s 2013 tour in support of King Animal (the Seattle band’s first studio album in 16 years). 

The set spans the band’s entire career, from early days with the hard rock of Flower and Hunted Down, through MTV-beloved mega-doom classics such as Jesus Christ Pose and Black Hole Sun, to nearly every song from their final record. 

The sound is tumultuous, stormy, triumphant, Kim Thayil’s guitar a vortex of raging dark metal matched by Chris Cornell’s full-throated roar and emotional waver, and Ben Shepherd’s thundering bass. 

It’s hard to find fault with anything here – the pace, the atmosphere, the sense of togetherness and historical context all play their part. Cornell sounds in a fine frenzy, the band are supercharged.

The limited-edition version of the album features the entire film on Blu-ray, plus four LPs, two CDs, band member lithos and a replica All Access pass and ticket stub from the original show. Future editions will include four LPs in black and coloured vinyl, Blu-ray and two CDs.

A towering testament to a much-missed band.