Sleaze Round-up: October 2011

Sleazegrinder on new releases from The Lifetakers, Vibravoid, Amos Blood, Sugar Louise and The Slow Poisoner

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The Lifetakers: The Lifetakers

Half a decade ago, Vancouver’s sewers spewed up a beautiful abomination called Crystal Pistol. They were sorta like Mötley Crüe mixed with werewolves, and they were amazing. Sometime soon after, in that same town, a band called Chinatown formed. They wore scarves and sounded like the Rolling Stones, and they were also pretty fuckin’ incredible. Naturally, because this is a terrible, wicked world, both bands imploded before they ever got to sink their claws into Planet Rock. Luckily it’s difficult to keep a would-be Canadian rock-god down. Those two forces were combined, and the glorious result is The Lifetakers, a hard-charging, power-glam outfit that combines the serpentine slink of Chinatown with the guns-blazing sleaze of Crystal Pistol. Their debut EP is chock-full of teenage lust and boozy bravado, complete with a pogo-ready ode to 70s snot-rock (Dead Boy), and a soaring arena-rattler (Mommy Don’t Know) that rivals Urge Overkill in its easy swagger. Third time’s a charm, sounds like. (810)

Vibravoid: Minddrugs

The important thing to know about the latest transmission from this long-running, space-streaking, freak-rock institution is that it ends with a 20-odd-minute Pink Floyd cover. Before that, it throbs and pulsates and gurgles in waves of groovy, black-velvet fuzz. Then it goes completely berserk. Top-notch mind-fry from these debauched acid-warriors. (610)

Amos Blood: Coffin On The Tracks

I almost always know what’s going on with a rock’n’roll band, but Amos Blood have me happily stumped. They’re from Boston, so I get the bottles-smashing-skulls vibe. But they sound like gypsies – electric ones. Basically, this is the Pogues strangling the Dead Boys over a cask of stolen rum on a quickly sinking pirate ship. Gorgeous lunacy. (810)

Sugar Louise: Everything’s Better With Sugar

Remember Norwegian sleazeballs Slomber – all razor-blades and bloodbaths? Well, Sugar Louise are the same names, but this new outfit offers up poppy, jittery glam-punk. Fun, weird and packed with (ahem) sugar-powered hits. (610)

The Slow Poisoner: Roadside Altar

The Slow Poisoner is a one-man band from San Francisco. Well, I suppose he’s a snake-oil salesman first, but once he’s done conning the rubes, he straps drums to his feet and strangles a guitar and woozily warbles Cramps-y, death-billy tunes about all the unspeakable things he’s seen on the road. An alternately terrifying and hypnotic experience. (710)