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Security Project: Live 1 album review

Peter Gabriel covers, from very interested parties…

Album artwork for Security Project's Live 1

There are tribute bands, and then there are bands who aim to take familiar material onto another plane. Security Project aim to be the latter, but perhaps you have to witness them in concert for this to fully come across. Their live album displays an impeccable ability to reproduce Peter Gabriel’s songs, and it’s for you to decide whether you feel that’s copyism or something more creative. You can’t argue with their credentials. Drummer/producer Jerry Marotta played with Gabriel (as well as a who’s who of superstars), while Trey Gunn has toured with Crimson and Sylvian/Fripp. One-time Shriekback guitarist Michael Cozzi and keyboardist David Jameson are no slouches, while singer Brian Cummins has sung Genesis and Marillion “interpretations” before.

His Gabriel tones are impeccable, and the band deliver the likes of Biko, No Self Control and Intruder flawlessly. They know when to be sinister, when to be sunny and when to be stentorian. Gunn claims they put their own twist on the songs, but it’s debatable whether that’s sufficiently noticeable to shunt this away from being incredibly classy karaoke. That’s such a fine line that it’s in the ear of the beholder.